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CEO Space Business Growth Conference

CEO Space Business Growth Conference
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“7 ‘Can’t Miss’ Conferences For Entrepreneurs in 2017”
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It’s not just the hundreds of millions in funding generated every meeting at CEO Space, or the contacts you often can’t find in one’s home region. Below is an outstanding piece of testimony be one of the founders of a leading University Entrepreneur Program.

“Having spent the majority of my 30-year career in entrepreneurship and having been a part of the founding of the University of Houston’s Wollf Center for Entrepreneurship (which is today the number one collegiate entrepreneurship program in the Nation), I was blown away by the number of business concepts while at CEO Space that I have never heard before. After returning from the Forum, I went over all my notes and marked the items that signified those that were new to me. Based on all the notes I took during my 10 days there, 70% of what I heard from the faculty and mentors were issues that I NEVER HEARD BEFORE.

As a result, I have returned home with a whole new view of how I see the business world here in Houston. I have more insight, more confidence and more knowledge that I know will propel me to new levels of success and the achievement of my vision. And that vision is also on a whole new plateau. My thoughts are coming from a higher plain and my personal business power is accelerated beyond my expectations. I am thinking about business bigger than I have ever thought before and I have much more belief in my ability to make it happen. I am so excited to exercise what I have learned so I can continue helping entrepreneurs at a new level.

Thank you CEO Space!

Dan Valdez
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Innovator